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With so many young songwriters coming through our Songwriting and Recording Sessions in schools and community based projects, we wanted to create positive performance opportunities.  


We believe that live music is the best way of bringing together people and our Busk Stops at K-Fest are an ideal opportunity for performers to bring their music to a wider audience. 


Our ethos at Rock 'n' Role Models is that all of our artists, songwriters, workshop leaders and admin should be paid fairly for their talents. Every performer at our Busk Stops at K-Fest is paid at least the basic rate as set by the Musicians Union. 


Live Music creates such a buzz of excitement, and for many who will see our performers it may be the first time they have ever encountered live music and original songs by local artists. 


At K-Fest in July we will have 4 Busk Stops throughout Kilmarnock Town Centre and we think this will be the biggest musical takeover in the town ever. It's a real first to have so many talented songwriters performing at one time - we have 24 performances over 2 days. We've had great support from local businesses who also see the benefit of bringing people back into the town centre with their families and friends for a really positive and enjoyable experience. 


In order to achieve this, Rock 'n' Role Models pitched for funding in February with the members of the public in the audience voting on which projects should receive funding. Rock 'n' Role Models has also matched funded a substantial percentage with equipmentand staff to make this all possible. 


We believe this is the start of something really big and creates a pathway for songwriters in schools and in our community projects to see that if they persevere they can be part of this and future projects. 

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